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Cleaning IS

the Coolest job

in the Universe.


Come find out what Dusty can do! You won't be disappointed. He's the professional star-duster who rides the moon like a motorcycle to Mars and back again soon!

A fairy tale for adults and a fantasy for children, this is a fiction-treat for all ages.

Ready to take the ride?

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Press Release#2

Press Release#1

Dusty Stardusty ISBN 978-0-615-19714-2 (Original Hardcover)

                         ISBN-10: 061547747X (Paperback/Softcover)

                         ISBN-13: 978-0615477473 (Paperback/Softcover)

                         160 Pages, Illustrated (Original Hardcover)

                         162 Pages, Illustrated (Paperback/Softcover)

                         eBook ISBN: 978-1-62345-769-3

                         1122KB/1.1MB (Digital File Version)


Language: American English

Genre: Fiction/Fantasy/Visionary/Metaphysical  

Target Audience: All (Children through Adults)

Tags:  Visionary, Universe, Storytelling, Poetry, Philosophy, Nature, Music, Metaphysical, Magic, Logic, Literature, Impressionism, Imagination, Science, Fiction, Fantasy, Arts, Stars and Planets, Master Magician, Cirque de Mica



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