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Man of Stainless Steel

"Stainless steel is cool. It won't rust, and is immune to corrosion." --- Dusty Stardusty


Even though Mica has always had this vision about someone cleaning the stars in the sky ever since she was a little girl, Mica wrote “Dusty…” in just one summer. It was the summer of 2004. Mica blinked, and the stars in the sky smiled, and then there was Dusty. 

But Mica really did see someone in the sky when she was small. He was a professional cleaner, a man on a mission on his motorcycle moon. And that’s what Mica really wants to be. Just like her fantastic Dusty. Be here, be there, and everywhere.

Someone who will never let you down in every way.

Dusty’s Cleaning Service for Hire, everyday.