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10/01/12 Click here for Dusty Stardusty Press Release#2.

09/27/12 Digital file version of Dusty Stardusty published on Amazon Kindle. 

08/14/12 Dusty Stardusty will soon be available on Kindle as an ebook. 

08/14/12 Dusty Stardusty now also available at Amazon Europe. 

04/21/12 Dusty Stardusty now available at Barnes & Noble.

10/10/11 Click here for Dusty Stardusty Press Release on MMD Newswire. 

07/15/11 Dusty Stardusty now live on

05/30/11 Paperback edition of Dusty Stardusty will soon be available on 

08/20/10 Dusty Stardusty will be returning to the 2010 Frankfurt Book Fair, October 6 - 10.

06/14/10 July 7th 2010 is Dusty Stardusty's 2nd Publication Anniversary.

12/02/09 Dusty Stardusty will be at the London Book Fair 2010 in United Kingdom, April 19 - 21.

06/25/09 July 7th 2009 is Dusty Stardusty's 1st Publication Anniversary. Happy Birthday, Dusty! 

02/12/09 Dusty Stardusty will be at the 2009 Frankfurt International Book Fair in Germany, October 14 - 18.


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